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LICENSED BROTHELS Brothel licensees, managers and employed prostitutes are subject to various legal obligations in respect of the operation and […]
The legal concept of ‘Constructive Dismissal’, in effect a forced resignation, is generally a misunderstood concept, largely due to the […]
The latest constitutional bugbear and High Court headache is whether or not some holders of public office are eligible to […]
On 25 November 2016 a series of amendments to the Retail Shop Leases Act which came into effect . The […]
Nobody wants to think about death in the prime of life. But it is important to decide what will happen […]
Life (and fun) for illegal movie downloaders has become a little more difficult since the much publicised recent decision in […]
A Will can be one of the most complex, difficult and emotional documents to write, especially where assets or beneficiaries […]