At Calvados + Woolf Lawyers, Estate Planning is taken very seriously and is an area of passion for our principal Marie Sheehy.

Estate planning decisions are often some of the most emotional and critical a family can make.

It is our mission to ensure that the assets that you have spent a lifetime creating are protected and that your family, friends and institutions who may benefit from those assets one day do so, according to your wishes.

When you visit or call our office, we want you to feel comfortable discussing such important issues concerning both you and your family. We want to arm you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your family’s future.

Through our LEGACY SHIELD™ strategies, we will help you choose the correct and safest path to protect your legacy, now and in the future. 


Legacy planning is a more holistic approach to estate planning. We help you preserve your financial wealth and legacy, including your life stories and family heirlooms, for future generations.

Our non-traditional planning methods include special provisions and protections in Living Trusts, Wills (simple & complex), Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Irrevocable and/or Testamentary Trusts, and Charitable Gifting Strategies.

This planning also includes minimising taxes, avoiding the expense and complexities of probate, protecting against remarriage after death of the first spouse, and protecting beneficiaries from possible future relationship breakdowns.