It was only a matter of time before Marie owned her own legal firm because she is largely unemployable in the legal world……in a good way.

Known as the ‘contract queen’ Marie can be a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to analysing the really fine print during complex contractual negotiations and one can often see the lightbulb switch on above her head when she encounters a particularly juicy clause that allows her clients an ”out” or a negotiating “chip”.

Always commercial and pragmatic in her advice to clients, Marie is a born deal maker and negotiator who has never been afraid to take on the bigger kids in the legal playground.

Marie’s has a passion for asset protection strategies, complex trust and estate matters and enjoys a good contractual or property litigation scrap now and again.

A self-styled ‘futurist’ she is known to turn up to work wearing strange clothing or jewelry combinations under the firm belief that she is at least 5 years ahead of any trend.

She actually enjoys reading lengthy legal cases and judicial decision and loudly criticising the judge from the sidelines, much like a lawyer version of a sports hooligan, abusing the referee at a soccer game.

Marie writes letters, thinks and makes phone calls at warp speed;  remembers birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, the names of all her friends, colleagues’ and staff’s pets.

Marie is able to hone down and understand the mechanics of your everyday legal needs.  She believes that once someone understands a person’s business pressure points; they understand you.

In her spare time, she plays with her 7 year old clone, Alexa, torments her business partner, paints, collects old cameras and makes pretty silver jewelry.