Luke sees himself as the steady hand on the steering wheel of the firm or its spiritual leader but really, he is just the oldest guy in the office.

Always quick to contribute to conversations with his self professed infinite knowledge of pop culture, the office is convinced that Luke is in the midst of a mid-life crisis – he thinks he is Benjamin Button.

A late convert to the pleasures of corporate and commercial law, Luke spent 15 years in federal politics and government relations and his list of contacts and friends reads like the index of one of those boring political biographies that no-one reads.  He is on first names basis with at least three former Prime Ministers and Leaders of the Opposition.  Luke would cry like a little girl if he ever lost his mobile phone.

Luke has acted and continues to act for companies in agribusiness, biofuels, infrastructure, manufacturing, stevedoring, childcare and mining and for some obscure reason he has in depth knowledge of state and federal biofuels legislation and petrol excise measures.

Luke now spends his days reminiscing of past glories whilst drafting commercial agreements, company constitutions, shareholder agreements and settling arguments between companies.

He takes his role as your legal advisor seriously and embeds himself into your business with the curiosity of a puppy dog, eager to learn how every switch, valve, dial and toggle works.

Marie calls him simple but really this is just her cutting shorthand for describing Luke’s ability to make legislative complexities and legalese understandable.

In his spare time he collects books and art, watches endless episodes of political tv shows and scans newspapers from around the world for strange facts and interesting stories.  He is a Senior Contributor to Trip Advisor and thinks he was born to review all restaurants.