Our LEGACY SHIELD™ strategies extend far beyond estate planning and can have far reaching benefits particularly if you have substantial assets and/or operate in a business or profession where it is prudent to safeguard your personal assets and wealth in case of disputes or litigation.

When discussing Risk Management and Asset Protection there is a complex interaction between company law, the law of trusts and property, tax and estate planning laws, bankruptcy and insolvency law. It is our job to help you navigate these complexities and achieve lasting and certain outcomes.

Some of the techniques we use include the preservation and transmission of property of individuals, families or corporations.

The purpose of this is to minimising legal, business and political risks to your wealth and legacy by safeguarding assets from seizure, loss and degradation in value.

Our LEGACY SHIELD™ strategies are concerned with the protection of assets from potential creditors, government expropriation, excessive taxation and catastrophic loss. These strategies are a vital component of tax advice, wealth management and financial planning.