26 May 2015

Are Your Affairs in Order? The Importance of Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney

      Nobody wants to think about death in the prime of life. But it is important to decide what will happen to your assets when you die.   Take five minutes to read the information in this letter and call us to find out how you can give instructions to your family about your legal and medical preferences should you fall ill or lose the capacity to make those decisions yourself.   Estate

14 May 2015

#itwasn’tmeitwasstarbucks: The Dallas Buyers Club debacle

    Life (and fun) for illegal movie downloaders has become a little more difficult since the much publicised recent decision in the Federal Court, in favour of the rights owners of the popular Hollywood film “The Dallas Buyers Club” (Dallas Buyers Club LLC v iiNet Limited FCA 317).   This recent development in the war against online piracy has seen rights-holders win a decisive first battle with the Federal Court finding it can order