Di Szabo

Senior Associate

What Di doesn’t know about commercial leases and property law would fit onto a postage stamp.

With an uncanny ability to remember verbatim the most obscure and esoteric sections of the Property Law Act, the Retail Shop Leasing Act and the Succession

Act, we often wonder about her extra-curricular activities.


When it comes to reviewing or drafting commercial leases and other complex property transactions Di is definitely the one to have on your side for speed,

accuracy and commercial nous – as that old advertisement says: “you should never leave home without her”.


Some of us think that she also co-authored the MS Word user manual, others can’t wait to take her to the casino and see whether she has a knack for card

counting or picking horses.


Di also has cloned herself and is the mum of one of the cutest five year olds this side of the river.


Di is such an integral member of the team that her contract has now been extended to the 23rd century and we are busy digging an underground cell just in case she decides to go elsewhere – but she will never leave us because we are really good at hunting people down.