Ken (AKA Ken-obi or Kenji) is our Consultant, he used to be our Special Counsel because he is always the wisest of counsels and frankly, he is a bit ‘special’

Ken is on those really bright, high achieving people that reads legal cases for a hobby and can quote judge’s decisions verbatim – at law school no-one liked people like Ken but 30 years later everyone wants to be their friend because they seem to know everything.

Before joining our firm, Ken was general counsel for a very well-known fast food company and in fact was instrumental in their very successful public listing on the ASX. 

Later Ken was appointed general counsel for a mining company and as part of his duties, spent a considerable amount of his time abroad looking after their legal framework wherever they operated. Ken is now General Counsel for a global IT company but his affection for our tribe is boundless and he remains our consultant and expert oracle.

Ken’s experience adds invaluable depth to our team and he now assists us on complex, commercial and property litigation and dispute resolution.