20 Mar 2015

International Wills now a Reality in Queensland

  A Will can be one of the most complex, difficult and emotional documents to write, especially where assets or beneficiaries are located in one or more foreign countries.   In a country like Australia where some 30% of the population was born overseas and where ties to other lands stretch back to the First Fleet, it is inevitable that overseas held assets will often form a significant part of a Testator’s considerations when drafting

9 Mar 2015

Power of Attorney – General vs Enduring

What is the big difference? A Power of Attorney is as important for life planning as making a Will.   Many people prepare a Will but do not give the same consideration to appointing an attorney until it is too late.   Appointing an attorney gives your attorney the legal authority to look after your financial affairs on your behalf.   You can appoint an attorney to act for you in a variety of circumstances